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festool rotex sander 150mm 6 inch Surface preparation can be tedious as you work from low to high grit to get that silky-smooth finish. We tried many different types of sandpaper and felt the value to efficiency ratio was lacking. Either the paper was very expensive but last long and cuts fast, or less expensive but you have to go through several sheets for a project. We wanted a sanding disc that provides high stock removal rate, last longer at an affordable price. That’s how we created Orca Abrasives.
orca abrasive green film 49 hole 6 inch sanding disc Orca Abrasive Discs are conveniently packed in multiple quantities to fit your needs. Each disc is made with Super Coated Aluminum Oxide for a sharp cut and uniform finish. With a blend of Ceramic the very hard granules wear slowly and constantly exposing a fresh cutting edge.
 festool rotex sander A premium ceramic and aluminum oxide blend is designed to maximize sanding disc performance and durability. The hook and loop backing is perfect for random orbit sanders as it withstands the demands of the tool. The anti-clogging film helps resist build up and when paired with a proper dust extractor the vented hole pattern maximizes the life of the sandpaper by reducing heat.