Choosing the Right Table

dining kitchen table buying guide

There are several things to consider when choosing a table that will fit your home and lifestyle perfectly. Here are some things to think about when buying your new table.



How big is your space, and how many people do you want to seat?

One of the main things to think about is how many people are sitting around your table most days of the year. We like to allow 24 inches of space per person which is a generous place setting. You will also want to consider the chairs that you will use with the table to ensure they will fit comfortable between the legs of the table. Depending on style, our tables can be made with different apron depths, overhands, and space between the legs. Some people like the flexibility of trestle-style tables which are better suited to allow more people to gather around because the legs are centered underneath the table instead of on the edges. Contact us to talk through dimensions to ensure you get the perfect fit!


If you entertain frequently it’s likely worth it to go with a bigger table everyday, but if you have limited space or if you only have a bigger crown for the holidays, consider extensions. Extensions can be built to insert into the center of the table, or on the ends. We recommend end-extensions to avoid a split in the center of your table. A good size for extensions is between 18-24 inches which is a standard place-setting.


When considering material options, it may help to think about color preference or character. We build custom tables with the best quality American Hardwoods including Cherry, Hickory, Oak, Maple and Walnut, and we can source a wide variety of other options if you’re interested in a specific species.

We also design metal bases for our custom made tables, including aluminum, steel, and brass. These can be perfectly paired with reclaimed woods, which can be sourced from places like old barns, silos or train stations. The appeal of reclaimed wood is its depth of character and the beauty in reusing materials with a past life. Reclaimed wood will often include features such as worm holes, nail holes, deeper color variation, or other distress. If you like a lot of character in your wood, reclaimed may be a great choice for you. Call us to talk through what to expect! Ask us for photos or wood samples. Each table is handmade, and no two are the same.


We have a talented team of designers and woodworkers to build a classic, timeless furniture for you and your family to enjoy for many generations. The best place to see our styles is in the table page (here). If you have something else in mind, send us a photo or rough sketch to get the conversation started. We’ll work with you to make it happen.


We believe in using natural products when possible. Our blend of water-based polyurethane, natural oil and wax is hand-applied in multiple coats until it soaks and builds a protective finish that is water and stain resistant. This approach lets the natural beauty of the wood shine through while creating a durable finish that is easily cared for over time.


Each table is built by hand in our California woodshop by a dedicated team of talented craftspeople. The combination of using quality materials, attention to detail, and process makes our tables last for generations.

Your table starts with selecting the best wood for your table. This starts with sorting through inventory and laying it out with an eye for balanced wood grain patterns and pleasing aesthetic. Our table tops are built with solid wood. We use a combination of the highest quality machinery and hand construction, including mortise and tenon joinery and hand finishing.

The hybrid woodworking approach ensures your table is made with precision while maintaining the handmade quality that separates our table from mass produced tables.

Custom Finishes

We offer a wide variety of standard stain options, but can always stain or paint to your specifications. Whether it’s a specific color, exterior or commercial grade stains and finishes, we can work with you to develop something unique. A sample wood will be used to achieve the custom finish to your liking before applying to the actual table. We do not warranty custom finishes outside our standard offering, but are happy to work with you to find the best finish solution for your project.

Living and Breathing Wood

The solid wood is living and breathing during the entire process from inventory to finishing the table. After the finish process your table continues to live and breathe. This may cause wood movement and a slight variation in color. This changing condition is normal and is a sign of good craftsmanship and not a design flaw. Sometimes breadboard ends are placed at the ends of the table to help stabilize a table top against cupping and warping.