About Us

our commitment


Emark opened its shop in 2017, among the scenic beauty and cultural attractions of San Francisco Bay Area. Founders, Lawrence and Jia.

Believe in creating well-designed products to improve your quality of life. We specialize in hand-crafted custom furniture and cabinets, offering customers great value and a shopping experience like no other.

Over the course of the year, we developed a brand that offers a variety of kitchen utensils, light fixtures, and cabinets. As we grow, we will continue to bring you more hand-crafted products to fill your home, and give back to our communities with exclusive giveaways.

We strive to help our customers live a more functional, beautiful, and comfortable life at home by making products that lasts for generations.


our quality


Emark uses the highest quality of locally sourced wood in California. With each build, we start by selecting each piece of wood by hand. This allows us to match the wood grain as closely as possible, or provide a specialized appearance. We take a hybrid approach to woodworking, combining proven hand techniques with modern power tools.

Each project is finished off with your choice of stain, and topped off with an ultra-low VOC, polyurethane protectant that will keep the furniture looking like new for generations.