Top 3 Amazing Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table

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E Mark! coffee tables are built in Sacramento, California using sustainably sourced domestic lumber. Each piece is handcrafted from start to finish ensuring a lasting heirloom quality furniture for you. We welcome inquiries for your next coffee table. Coffee tables come in different sizes and shapes, but styling them seems super easy... or is it? Finding the perfect balance of decor, plants, and storage really is an art. Here are the top three amazingly useful tips to style your coffee table.

coffee table grouping design

Use Groupings

• odd numbers; lack of symmetry is more interesting to the eye

• group objects like candles, plants, small decor, or books

• 📷: @myhomeinneutral

coffee table modern use colors to decorate

Use a Focal Point

• sometimes there's a lot going on and the table may seem cluttered, but add a splash of color to focus on

• the coffee table in the photo has a lot of objects, but the eye is drawn to the flower

• 📷: @my_interiorhome_

coffee table farmhouse use varying height

Use Varying Heights

• in this example objects of different heights is used to create depth

• books are great to make objects taller

• 📷: @kettel_home


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