Time For A Nightstand Makeover

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Nightstands are perfect in the bedroom, but did you know that nightstands can also be end tables or accent tables? They all may provide storage solutions and add style to your room. Sometimes a custom nightstand is just what the room needs, but let’s talk about how you can style your nightstand. Here are four tips to help you get started.

table lamp bedside table nightstand end table light  Light up your night with a table lamp. A table light is a great way to set the tone for your room. In the example, the softer glow balances sets the ambiance and prepares you for a good nights rest. It’s important to use a warmer light bulb to simulate the sunset so your body knows it is almost time for bed.

bedside table vase floral table light

Let your personality shine through when you style your nightstand. A vase with fresh floral add a unique pop of a natural element that compliments your solid wood nightstand. Sometimes hanging a piece of art or a picture from your favorite trip on the wall space above the nightstand create a focal point in a small space – even bring a smile to your face.

wall light over nightstand bedside light dimmable led light bulb

If you’re running out of space on your nightstand, then you can try adding some light with a wall light. It gives a cleaner look so you can put more of your necessities and easy to reach objects on your nightstand table top.

black floating shelf nightstand hanging decor

You can get creative by adding floating shelves instead of a more traditional nightstand. Not only does it create space to decorate, but it also saves floor space. A customized shelf may be the perfect addition next to your bed.


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