Designing A Modern Space

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Designing your space is no easy task. Decisions. Decisions! Modern spaces consists with bits of sleek minimalism and a touch of bohemian. Most importantly, your space, your personality. Three tips to help you along the way.

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Clutter in a modern design scheme is most definitely frowned upon. The clean lines seen in iconic mid-century modern are one of the foundations in achieve a sleek, clean space.


Soft, pastel-like colors set a light, breezy atmosphere in your space. Whites, grays, and other pale tones work hand-in-hand with clean lines to keep things feeling simple. Also, consider soft brass and natural wood tones. Having a setting in light colors helps to make accents really stand out.


Organic materials and plants play a large role in making your space look natural. The splash of natural colors against lighter tones play well with each other. Wood furniture with sleek lines and organic plants will bring a calm and relaxing atmosphere to your modern design.

We hope these three tips will help you in making your decisions to create a space that you will enjoy. There is actually a lot of freedom in creating this style. Get started with your look by visiting our furniture or lighting pieces.


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