Amp up Your Living Room Lighting with These 3 Easy Ideas

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No matter how beautifully your space is designed and decorated, without the right lighting, it will all be for nothing. Lights can greatly impact how your room looks and feels. Living rooms usually require three types of lighting: task, accent, and ambient. But even with them, you have the freedom to play around with styles, shapes, and fixtures. The lighting is an integral part of a room’s overall appeal and you must do it right. Here are a few simple lighting ideas that will make your living room brighter and more beautiful:

1. Mix and match

Create a brilliant lighting scheme in your living room by mixing different types of fixtures and placing them at various points in the space. You can make use of an ambient source like a chandelier along with recessed lighting that is strategically placed. You can also use accent and task lighting if you want to highlight certain areas.

2. Add a centerpiece

One thing that can lend your living room a complete look is a striking centerpiece. Whether you go for a chandelier like our Vail Ceiling Light Fixture or a modern floor lamp like the Orb Floor Lamp, the right centerpiece can take your living room design up a notch. Use the piece to illuminate the seating area or another area like a reading nook.

3. Illuminate your artwork

If you have a beautiful art collection that you are proud of, it deserves to be put in the spotlight, quite literally. When it comes to lighting artwork, you can choose from many options like track lighting, accent lighting, and even wall washers.

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