7 Amazing Light Fixture Tips That Interior Designers Use

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Choosing the lighting fixtures for your space is one of the many details you need to plan for when decorating your space. There are so many choices out there, and the decision is not as easy as it seems. Even if you’re planning a simple makeover or renovation, sometimes it can be daunting. Slow down, get organized and take things one by one, room by room.

Here are a seven tips you can think about to help your design decision.

TIP 1:

A large floor lamp in a corner can give you the extra mood lighting needed in your space.


If you have a large room, then consider using more than one type of light. There are floor lamps, table lamps, or ceiling lights that can brighten your space whether on or off.

TIP 3:

Keep the size of your space in mind at all times when choosing your light fixture. You do not want your light to overpower the room. There’s a way to make light become the focal point of your space. Whether it’s design, color, brightness, or accent it should help highlight the beauty of your space, not take over it.

TIP 4:

It’s important the style of the light fixture fits your space. If you have a modern farmhouse theme in the room, choose a rustic or modern industrial light fixture. We offer many selections, but click here to see one of our favorites.

TIP 5:

A combination of floor lamps and table lamps allow you to change the mood in seconds.

TIP 6:

Accent lamps or spotlights are perfect for highlighting artwork or certain accent details in your space. Use it wisely though.

TIP 7:

The last tip is specifically for Dining Rooms. Consider a low-hanging chandelier or opting for a big piece that compliments your dining table.


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